Is Audio Engineering A Good Career Choice?

Everyone overlooks the audio engineering in entertainment and media. Be it a concert, film or a video game’s impactful background score. Have you ever thought about how a movie today will be without music or sound? To say the least, it would disappoint. It’s the music and sound design that sets them apart.  Film scoring…

Tips To Start a Music Production Company

Tips To Start a Music Production Company

Understanding that starting your own business and running it successfully involves more than just selling the product or service that you offer, is when you become a true entrepreneur. The music industry in India is very competitive, and if you’re someone who has just finished their sound engineering courses in India or anything related, it…

Music Industry Networking

Music Industry Networking

Getting your “Big Break” is hard, in any industry. Even though technology has made marketing and distributing music easier, competition still exists, be it musicianship, engineering and even production! One of the ways that still have some merit in getting your break is Networking. Finding a School to pursue music production courses in India is…

Sound Engineers

Different Types Of Sound Engineers

Have you heard of Sound Engineers? When you hear the term “Sound Engineer” you might have thought of a Music Composer or a Music Director. But the role of a sound engineer is far from the role of a music composer or a director. So, a sound engineer or audio engineer handles a recording or…

Frequency Mixing

A Guide To Understand The Frequency Mixing Better

We all come across the term “frequency” so many times in our life. So, the frequency can be defined as the particular point or range where you get to hear the sound or song. It is essential to understand the frequency, especially for the audio engineer to get the perfect mix of vocals and sound….

Vocals Sound

Different Ways To Make Vocals Sound Modern & Professional

In any music concert or live performance, the vocals play a vital part. However, if the vocals are not appropriately expressed, it can spoil the entire performance. Thus, it would be best to have a professional sound engineer make the vocal sound clear. The students from music production colleges in India use different ways to…

Electronic Music Production

Sound Engineering – Everything you should know

Have you ever been to concerts or Music festivals? I am sure everyone has been. What do you expect at a Music festival? Good heart-warming songs can take away all your stress and make you feel happy. But will it be the same if you constantly hear a buzzing Sound when a singer performs? That’s…

Sound Engineering in India

Best Music Production Courses In India

You’ve finished school and have a passion for music. Probably a musician who loves playing or an enthusiast who discovered the soundscapes behind intense dialogues and violent scenes augment the experience of a movie. A quick google search reveals that an Audio Engineer, Film score Composer, Music Programmer, Music Producer, or someone else does this...
Sound Engineering in Chennai

What are Levels? #AudioTalk

What are Levels? The easiest way to capture sound is by converting sound energy into electrical energy. There have been attempts to capture sound on wax cylinders but the quality and volume that was achieved weren’t great for anything other than speech. Then they moved onto circular lacquer disk which evolved into the vinyl disk…


Polar Pattern in Microphones #AudioTalk

What are Polar Patterns? The Polar Pattern of a microphone refers to the sensitivity of a microphone to sound arriving from different angles to its central axis. This pattern is what determines the direction(angle) at which we point the microphone to the source of the sound that we want to record.   How do Microphones…

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