Certificate in Music Production (Fully Online)

Certificate in Music Production - Three Month Program (Fully Online)

A Music Producer based program based on Production and Studio Engineering. This program covers all aspects of Music Engineering and Production, namely, Theory of Sound, Project Studio Management, Recording Theory and Techniques, Music Production, Mixing and Mastering.
This course is apt for Working Professionals/Guitarists/Drummers/Producers looking to Produce, Record, Mix and Master his music. The classes usually take place on Weekends to cater to working professionals. This Certificate program is fully ONLINE and can be completed in one month. Our program is a blend of Musical and Industry-based classes.
Our Curriculum purely has hands-on approach and is tailor made for upcoming Music Producers to immerse themselves in the production side of Music. The program enables every student to learn the recording process and technical aspects involved. It also enables the students to learn the aspects of Music Programming, production, Mixing and Mastering.
Our Certified faculty for the modules come from the Music industry and guide our students in the learning process. Our approach to Audio Engineering, curriculum, faculty and study methods are always on par with International standards. Our Online programs have been very successful and has been enabling various students to learn Music Production from the comfort of their homes.

Industry Collabroations

Hands-On Study

Produce your own Music


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The Certificate Experience Includes...

Producer-Oriented Study

Prepares the student to record and produce their Music by inculcating Industry standard learning and etiquettes.

Real-time Projects

This Program uses hands-on approach in real-time projects as part of their daily lessons.

Hands-On Final Project

Students get to work on their own projects under Faculty Supervision

Masterclasses and Workshops

Masterclasses and Workshops by Industry professionals reduces the gap between the Educational Environment and Professional Environment.

When You Graduate, You’ll Be Able To:

Record, Mix and Produce your own Music

Work as a Music Producer

Work as a Studio Engineer

Work as an Independent Audio Engineer

Work as a Project Studio Designer

Work as a Studio Manager and Engineer

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    What is the degree earned of the program?
    Students who complete the program will earn a Certificate
    What is the duration of the Certificate program?
    The Certificate program is three months long and is dependent on your Final Project.
    How much Studio Time will I get ?
    Our aim is to provide ample studio time. As our intake is limited, we strive to give our students enough practice hours.
    Do Certificate Program students qualify for Internships ?
    No, Internships are only for the Diploma students
    Will I be able to record my own Music ?
    Yes, students are allowed to Record and Produce their own composition as part of their Program.
    How expensive is the Certificate Program ?
    Connect with our admissions team for the Fee Structure.
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