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We deliver quality learning for our students with International Curriculum and also provide a platform for Music Enthusiasts to enter the Music Industry.

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Our classes revolve around real-time Industry projects in order to prepare the students to be confident in terms of work and etiquette by providing International Faculty Mentorship.


We make your passion become reality by providing quality learning at affordable cost.


Diploma in Audio Engineering

One Year Program

Certificate in Music Production

Fully Online – 1 Month

Certificate in Electronic Music

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The Audiophile’s School of Sound Engineering (TASE) is the only Sound Engineering College in India with an International approach to study.  We, at TASE, focus on highest quality of Sound Engineering Courses In India facilitated by Industry Certified and experienced faculty who can help you master the art of Sound Engineering. We are located in the heart of Chennai and well connected to the Music Industry. The campus boasts of a nature filled atmosphere, which is usually preferred by any artist or engineer. The use of high-end equipment and various technology biased setups in the campus exposes you to various subjects in Sound Engineering at ease. Our trainers use more hands-on practical approach to study rather than a theory based study. Easily TASE can be rated as one of the Best Sound Engineering Colleges in Chennai and India. TASE offers various types of audio engineering courses in Chennai that allow students to handpick the ones that they desire.

TASE is also associated with various brands across the globe including Universal Audio, Focusrite, Vanguard Audio Labs, Royer Labs, Warm Audio, Process Audio, Izotope, Oeksound and many more to keep up with International standards in Audio Education. All these collaborations have given us strong recognition among music production colleges In India.

If you are someone who is passionate about Sound Engineering India and see yourself spending your career in music, then joining TASE would be your best option. Our School of Audio Engineering in Chennai will transform you into a Sonic Expert and will help you pursue a great future in the field of Sound Engineering. We make your dream possible by providing comprehensive music production courses in India.


A Sound Engineer is a person who provides technical adjustments in terms of sound and balances the sources of sounds for a recording or for a live concert. They work on replication, mixing and strengthening of sound effects. It requires a lot of technical expertise and a creative bend that helps musicians and performers realize their artistic intent. In general, a Sound engineer can be defined as someone who works and develops on audio and musical sources. You can join TASE as we provide the best Audio Engineering courses in India.


Sound Engineering is a perfect field for people who are interested in music and love music. In real, no one hates music and hence Sound Engineering is suitable for everyone. This career is absolutely interesting and passion-driven. The average salary for a Sound Engineer is said to be around 56 thousand US dollars per year. There are many Sound Engineering Colleges in Chennai where students can pursue their Audio Engineering career.



We are India’s only Audio Engineering School with an International approach to study. Our rich history and experience is the foundation for our values.

Our International Curriculum is bridged to the Indian Music Industry.

We are diverse, welcoming, accepting and passionate about being the best we can be. Join us to start your career in the Music Industry

Update : Admissions Open for Winter 2023 (January)- Diploma and Certificate Programs !


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–  “An Audiophile is a person who is enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound reproduction. An audiophile seeks to reproduce the sound of a live musical performance, typically in a room with good acoustics.”

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