Sound Engineering in India

Best Music Production Courses In India

You’ve finished school and have a passion for music. Probably a musician who loves playing or an enthusiast who discovered the soundscapes behind intense dialogues and violent scenes augment the experience of a movie. A quick google search reveals that an Audio Engineer, Film score Composer, Music Programmer, Music Producer, or someone else does this...
Sound Engineering in Chennai

What are Levels? #AudioTalk

What are Levels? The easiest way to capture sound is by converting sound energy into electrical energy. There have been attempts to capture sound on wax cylinders but the quality and volume that was achieved weren’t great for anything other than speech. Then they moved onto circular lacquer disk which evolved into the vinyl disk…


Polar Pattern in Microphones #AudioTalk

What are Polar Patterns? The Polar Pattern of a microphone refers to the sensitivity of a microphone to sound arriving from different angles to its central axis. This pattern is what determines the direction(angle) at which we point the microphone to the source of the sound that we want to record.   How do Microphones…


SSL 2 – Worth it ? #TechTalk

Solid State Logic just launched their first portable USB audio interface – ‘SSL 2 and 2+’ and this company, as usual, have raised the bar as high it can get! SSL’s mixing consoles and processing tools have been the first choice for many studios and a lot of the biggest studios in the world boast…

sound engineering in Chennai

Why Sound Engineering? #StudentTalk

Living in the peak of the digital era, where everything can be found out on the internet, why should you go to a sound engineering school? Especially in India, the largest Film industry in the world, there’s only so much you can apply what you learn from the internet. You can always study from medical…

Best Audio Interface For A Student? #TechTalk

Best Audio Interface For A Student? #TechTalk

You’re a student and you need an interface and you’ve been looking for one and there are so many choices and brands to choose from! Look no further, the best possible interface that you can buy that will keep you set for the foreseeable future; The Focusrite 4i4 3rd Gen, honestly; the best piece of…

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